Does your property struggle with unregistered, abandoned and illegally parked vehicles?
Take control of your parking area. 

Looking for an ORLANDO Tow Truck company that’s reputable and affordable?
At Just Us Towing we make the process simple, cost-effective and convenient.


  • Removal of abandoned vehicles

  • Tow Away Signs

  • Resident Parking Permits

  • Violation & Warning Stickers

  • Digital Photo Documentation

  • Quick Repsonse Time

  • Notifications to authorities

  • Customized Walk & Tag programs



We currently offer the following services to you, the property owner or manager, at no cost to your property: 

ANY TIME, ALL THE TIME: Towing of illegally parked vehicles at no cost to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our goal is to provide this service to you within 35 minutes, significantly faster than the competition.

COURTESY PATROLS: We can provide a daily drive-through service, checking on any vehicles illegally parked in your fire lanes. There is no charge for this service.

We can also check for any trespassing vehicles that do not belong to your residents, and can tag them with a tow warning. We tag all vehicles which have been abandoned and are an eyesore to the property.

WARNING NOTICE: Each warning notice states to see the manager, and we can provide to the property owner or manager a list of all the vehicles that we tag, including the space number, description, and reason for the warning notice.

SECURITY: Our daily drive-through service also provides added security to your facilities. Over 26% of our customers say that our services have reduced overall crime on their property. While patrolling the property, we note any suspicious activity and inform the management and, if necessary, local law enforcement.

FLEXIBLE: We will work with you to make your property a safer and more attractive place for your residents. We adjust our services to accommodate your needs.

RESIDENT RETENTION: Over 80% of our customers believe that Just Us Towing Orlando's Parking Solutions have improved parking and increased resident satisfaction.

We offer a permit parking system which ensures that only residents and their registered guests will be able to park within the facilities. Working with your resident manager, management company, and security company (if applicable); we will effectively manage your permit system.

SIGNS: We provide a variety of signs and services tailored to your parking enforcement needs at no cost to you.

SAVE $$: All these services are available at no charge to the property owner or manager.

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